Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stevens, Janet and Susan Stevens Crummel.(2004). Plaidypus lost. New York: Holiday House.

Snippity snip. Stitchity stitch. Buttons for eyes. Surprise! Grandpa's old plaid shirt is now my new Plaidypus! Tag along with a lively young girl and her constant companion as they find adventures wherever they go--the park, the lake, or the supermarket candy aisle! And don't forget to keep an eye on Plaidypus, as there's always a chance he'll find himself astray--stuck in the sand, high on a shelf...But no need to worry: Plaidypus lost, Plaidypus found. (

I enjoyed the different costumes of the little girl in the story as she went about her day with her new stuffed friend. The rhyme and repetitive phrases would make this a good book to read to and with a young child who is just starting to learn to read. The pictures were large, colorful, and action packed which would make it a good selection for younger children.

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