Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Blog on the Prairie

Bell, C.D. Little blog on the prairie. (2010) New York: Bloomsbury. 

Award: Texas Lone Star 


Ever had to go on a summer vacation that was "for your own good" or that your parents thought would be good for "family bonding"? Genevieve Welsh is a normal eighth grader with thoughts of summer time spent with friends and possibly a vacation with family spent near a pool at the very least. That is until her mom thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for the family to spend the summer at Camp Frontier living like 1890s pioneers.

Genevieve balked at going, but her mom enticed her with the promise of her very own iPhone at the end of the summer--so what was she to say--no? Of course, her mom also made the comment that she would learn to appreciate what she did have at the end of the summer as she was going to have to live without them for three months. When Genevieve realized there was to be no Ipods, no computers, no sports, no life as she knew it, she shouted to her mom, "It's not fair." Of which, her mom shouted right back, "Genevieve, you will thank me later."

"Have you ever noticed that when people say you will thank them later, you never do?"(p.3)

Fun and easy read with some surprising twists along the way!